Tom Ball

Tom was born in Lansing, Michigan and raised most of his life in Battle Creek. His home church was Convis Union United Methodist Church in Battle Creek. He has been a United Methodist all of his life. One of his favorite aspects of ministry is experiencing the effects of doing the little things for people. “It’s the small tasks and ways of treating people that can do more for a person or family than we ever truly know.” Tom enjoys working in the yard and following sports, snowmobiling, golfing and archaeology. Tom’s favorite hymn is “They’ll Know We are Christians by our Love.” He feels the song is the epitome of how we are identified as Christians. Pastor Tom assumed the pastoral leadership of our congregation on Sunday, July 1, 2007.

Office Administrator

Office Manager

Diane Coon

Diane began her duties at the end of October, 2007. She assumes the duty of taking care of the day-to-day functions of our church office. She keeps our membership and mailing lists current; types and prepares our weekly bulletins and monthly Newsletters (running a minimum of 10,000 sides of copy monthly); handles official correspondence for the pastor; types and distributes a myriad of minutes for various groups and committees; answers the phone and fields "a ton of questions." In addition, she keeps supplies on hand for the offices, prepares special mailings and receives people who come to the church. Diane is employed by the church for 30 hours weekly.

Director of Youth Ministries

Director Youth Ministries

Debbie Pant

(Resigned May 31, 2015). Debbie Pant has been our Director of Youth Ministries for the past 9 years but is now moving on to a new job. We appreciate all that she has done with our youth: mission trips, chili cook-offs, super-bowl sub sales, plant sales, shoebox ministry, Sunnyside Senior Center singing, Humane Society visits, etc. We wish Debbie well in her new job! 

Church Custodian


Dee Brinks

Dee is our church staff custodian. A team of workers from Hope Network (formerly NOC, a center for handicapped adults) assists in the detailed cleanup of our facility. Bill Vennema is the job coach for this crew. The Hope Network crew is responsible for the everyday cleanliness of the building interior and general pickup outside. Volunteers still help with certain maintenance and repair projects around the building.

Chancel Choir Director

Choir Director

Kathy Wheeler

The choir operates on a nine month schedule annually. The director has responsibility for helping to select music for the Chancel Choir; leading the weekly practices and directing the choir on Sunday mornings and at special worship times during the year.

Bell Choir Director

Bell Choir Director

Tonja Hinkston

The Bell Choir practices each week and plays on a four to six week schedule. Tonja helps to select music for the Bell Choir, leads the weekly practices and directs the choir on Sunday mornings and at special worship services.

Child Care Worker

Child Care

Diana VanAntwerp

Our First Sunday Nursery Care Giver is Diana

Church Organist/Pianist and Choir Accompanist


Suzanne Towers

Suzanne accompanies the Chancel Choir. She practices and is at weekly rehearsals and on Sundays to play. She helps in selecting the music for the Chancel Choir.

Church Organist/Pianist


Ruth Boonzaaijer

Ruth joined us in October 2011 upon the retirement of Ann Hunt and will play on a rotating basis with Suzanne. They practice, select and provide service music and accompaniment for the congregational singing.



Karen Klinker

Karen is Church Treasurer. Karen is excited about serving the church in this capacity.